What's to come in 2010 from Viqua Games

28 Jan 2010 - 2010 should be an exciting year for us as many games and projects that we've been working on will finally be released. Here's a look at what to expect from us this year:

- New website. Actually, you are already looking at it. We've changed the way it looks, but more importantly, we've changed the structure a bit by creating subdomains for each section of the website. There's www.viquagames.com for this news blog which includes updates from every section. downloads.viquagames.com is where you'll find all the downlooadable casual games and HideNSeek is at hidenseek.viquagames.com. We'll be adding even more sections later :)

- More PC/Mac casual downloadable games. If you liked our previous downloadable games, we should have more of them for you this year.

- iPhone games! Yes, we've dedicated a few of our team members to iPhone game development. Our first game should be released very soon and we have more in development.

- More stuff to do on our website. We'll have more activities for visitors to our website that should be extremely fun

- Facebook games! We're working on a Facebook game too!

I'll have a preview of our first iPhone game up pretty soon. So stay tuned.

Our iPhone Games