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Zombie Escape Free for iOS Released!

11 Nov 2015 - Today we have a new FREE version of Zombie Escape for you to download!

Download Zombie Escape Free on the App Store

Zombie Escape Free allows you to play the full game for free on both your iPhone and iPad.

  • Zigzag your way through hordes of zombies.
  • Decimate zombies with a variety of weapons and abilities!
  • Strategically deploy multiple weapons together for maximum effect.
  • Unlock and upgrade new weapons including air strikes and tesla coils!
  • Meet evolved zombies with even deadlier abilities.
  • Play through the campaign and get high scores in survival mode!

First Class Flurry HD Released!

30 Jul 2015 - We are extremely excited to announce that First Class Flurry HD is now available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store!

In First Class Flurry HD you play as Claire, Starlink Airline's no.1 flight attendant.

Make sure every passenger has a wonderful flight!

  • Serve meals, drinks, toys and other fun things.
  • Take care of passenger safety during the flight.
  • Tuck passengers in for a good nap before landing!

Download First Class Flurry HD FREE from the App Store!