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Zombie Escape Free for iOS Released!

11 Nov 2015 - Today we have a new FREE version of Zombie Escape for you to download!

Download Zombie Escape Free on the App Store

Zombie Escape Free allows you to play the full game for free on both your iPhone and iPad.

  • Zigzag your way through hordes of zombies.
  • Decimate zombies with a variety of weapons and abilities!
  • Strategically deploy multiple weapons together for maximum effect.
  • Unlock and upgrade new weapons including air strikes and tesla coils!
  • Meet evolved zombies with even deadlier abilities.
  • Play through the campaign and get high scores in survival mode!

Zombie Escape 1.1 and Lite versions out!

25 Nov 2010 - We're happy to announce that Zombie Escape 1.1 update has been released. Here's what's new:

BRAND NEW MODE - "Free Kill" mode available after completing the campaign.
- There are no survivors, your only task is to kill as many zombies as you can before the time runs out.
- Each zombie killed gives you more time.
- Watch out for the 'super' sheep - killing the fluffy critters will reduce your maximum game time available.

Other changes
- Performance tweaks to survival mode
- New icon

Additionally we have a Lite version out so you can try Zombie Escape FREE.

Get the Full version from the App Store

Get the Lite version from the App Store

Zombie Escape gets raving reviews! 1.0.1 update out.

31 Aug 2010 - Zombie Escape has been out for more than a week and has done quite well. It reached #27 on the top US paid apps chart and #17 on the top US paid games chart. Additionally, it has received some raving reviews from many respected review sites. Here are some of them:

TouchArcade: "Zombie Escape is 'at the forefront of line-drawing games' and 'notoriously hard to put down' "

AppAdvice: Must Buy 4.5/5 stars - "Zombie Escape is a must buy for $0.99, and is an upper echelon path drawing game as well as game in general" Rating 8.0/10 Impressive - "at only 99 cents, Zombie Escape is a great deal for a lot of good gaming."

iPhone Alley: "With all of these features, I don't see how the game could be priced for such a low tag. ($0.99)" Rating 5/5 - "Zombie Escape exceeded our expectations and continues to engage us with both style and substance." "Zombie Escape is a perfect example of how one game can reinvent the whole genre.", "For $0.99, I can't think of any other game that has as much amount of content and fun packed onto one little game. " Rating 3.5/5 - "if you are a fan of Flight Control and that genre, then this is a no brainer... especially for only $0.99" 'Kiss It' Rating - "Zombie Escape is one of the most polished titles I've ever seen."

If you haven't got the game yet, get it now!

BTW, a maintenance update for Zombie Escape (1.0.1) has been released. This update fixes all reported issues including crash issues and also improves performance of the game especially on older gen devices.

Zombie Escape Released!

19 Aug 2010 - Finally, after months of development, Zombie Escape has been released!

Here's the iTunes link:

If you don't know what Zombie Escape is, check out the trailer on YouTube!

New Zombie Escape Trailer!

18 Jun 2010 - Zombie Escape is really nearing completion now and today we have a brand new trailer! Check it out below!

Will have more info posted here soon!

Zombie Escape Development Update

26 Mar 2010 - Just wanted to post a quick update on how Zombie Escape's development is going. After announcing the game we've had a wonderful response from iphone app review sites and iphone gamers such as at the TouchArcade forums. So we decided to take some time to make the game even better!

Originally we decided there would be only a "Survival" mode with 3 maps and 5 weapons. Right now the plan is to add a "Campaign Mode" with multiple missions. We've also added 2 new weapons bringing the total to 7 and each of them have multiple upgrades that you can buy while playing through the campaign mode!

I can't reveal more details right now, just that the final weapon is kick-ass cool!

As for the release date, it should be sometime in April. We are extremely sorry for the delay, but we really want to make the game special!

Since the TouchArcade preview, we've also had great previews of the game from SlideToPlay and AppModo:

- Zombie Escape Hands-On Preview at

- AppModo Preview: Zombie Escape: Will it be the best line drawing game?

Zombie Escape Preview at

20 Feb 2010 - Our upcoming iPhone game Zombie Escape has just been previewed over at! Check it out to learn about this upcoming game and watch the hands-on preview video by the TouchArcade staff.

Here's the game's official trailer:

For more info and screenshots, check out the game's information page:

Zombie Escape