iWordz Preview: Our first iPhone game

29 Jan 2010 - Our first PC game and first game ever was a word game, so I guess it's fitting that our first iPhone game will also be a word game.

If you liked the keyword minigame in Tommy and the Magical Words, or if you enjoyed SandScript, this is a game you'll want to have on your iPhone.

Basically it is kind of like Hangman, except that you are given the definition of a word and you have to guess what the word is. You are given a starting "life" of 20, and each time you guess a wrong letter your life points drop by 1. You get life points back when you get a word right. The aim of the game is to get as many words as you can before you run out of life points.

Here's an example of what you might see in the game:

Do you know what the word is?

If you liked that, then stay tuned for the release :)

You can see more info and screenshots about the game at the iWordz page on our new Viqua Games iPhone section.

I have to say that during testing, we found the game to be lots of fun playing with friends or loved ones helping to guess the words. It's educational and exercises your brain too!

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